Skydiving for Mind

A year ago today, I did a skydive for Bassetlaw Mind, and raised £662 for my local charity.


Bassetlaw Mind is one of many “agencies” for the mental health charity Mind, where their focus is to help people suffering from health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Charities such as Bassetlaw Mind gain their income in a variety of ways, such as some funding from the national charity, but local agencies rely heavily on donations to help fund other projects.

Speaking to Bassetlaw Mind’s CEO Nicola Roberts, she stated that Bassetlaw Mind needed to raise at least £40,000 a year from local community fundraising.

Roberts spoke about how donations can help fund projects further than it’s initial length. The example given by Roberts was the sports project where they have been funded for 18 months, but donations can help extend these projects by a further six months.

When asked the if donations were a crucial part to their income, she said; “yeah, absolutely”. You can listen to the full interview below:

The skydive itself took place on the 27th of July 2017, at Sibson Airfield, Peterborough. It was a tandem skydive from 10,000ft.

There were multiple ways of donating, some signed sponsorship forms which were scattered at places such as college and work, whilst others went to the JustGiving page which was set up for the event.

The amount of support from the event was unbelievable, where we raised £662 in total.  The original target was £250, which we more than doubled, and nearly did that on the JustGiving page alone.


Were you scared?

Of course, its quite natural to be because normally you have the doors of a plane shut, and for them to be opened and see people jumping out of them was not normal. However, when it came to the actual jump, there was no time to be scared.

Before you know it, you are sat on the edge of the plane and then the next second you are free falling so you did not have time to process the whole thing. It was the same whilst you are in the air, I could see the camera operator in front of me, but I also wanted to take in my surroundings, so managing both was hard.

Would you do it again?

Definitely. The feeling of falling through the sky is something I had never experienced before and nothing really comes close to it. If you have ever wanted to do a skydive, I would fully recommend doing it.

Is it safe?

It is surprising how safe a skydive is. Before you enter the plane, your training instructor runs through the positioning of your body before you jump and whilst in the air.

Also, there is a reserve parachute which opens automatically if your main parachute will not open, which means you will safely land. All parachutes are checked before the skydive so the parachute should not have any issues.

Why Bassetlaw Mind?

Bassetlaw Mind is my local Mind service, which has helped people I know. Despite it being such a large issue with many people in today’s society, there are still a lot of stigmas around the issues that need to be addressed.

If raising awareness through sports is a way that I can help give more understanding for people with these issues, then that is how I want to help.

Can I still donate or support Mind?

Unfortunately, donations for the skydive has closed. However, I am participating in the Manchester Half Marathon on the 14th October and there is a JustGiving page open for that along with sponsorship forms. All donations raised for the half marathon will go to Bassetlaw Mind and help fund projects for my local charity.

Bassetlaw Mind
Bassetlaw Mind, Worksop

The Half Marathon

To participate in a half marathon, or at least to do well in one, you need to train for it, whereas you can turn up and do a skydive on the day. The training for the half marathon is hard, but for those that know about my competitive nature, I am taking the training seriously.

I am currently sticking to a 10 week training programme that will, hopefully, make race day easier and help me get a fast time.

You can donate online through JustGiving, following the link. The target again is £250 and if I have the same support I had for the skydive I know we can reach it.

Here is a collection of the photos from the day, thanks for all the support guys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All photos, videos and interviews are my own.


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